Recent Articles

Inside Fireside: Marin’s First Green, Affordable Housing Complex (Live Local Marin)

A New Way to Fund Affordable Housing: A Jobs-Housing Linkage Fee (Live Local Marin)

Planting Justice Grows Food, Jobs, and Community (Ecolocalizer)

La Via Campesina Mexican Caravan–First Leg: “We are not against progress, we are against progress that is against life” — The Story of El Salto, Temaca, and a Dying River (Global Exchange Climate Justice Blog)

La Via Campesina Mexican Caravan–Second Leg: The Struggles of the Mexican Electrical Union Workers and a Mexico City community against the Super Highway (Global Exchange Climate Justice Blog)

Indigenous and Farmers To Lead Mexican Caravans and Alternative Forum for Life and Justice in Cancun (Ecolocalizer)

Climate Trial Holds Government and Corporations Accountable (Ecolocalizer)

Mapping the Money Behind Props 25 & 26 (Huffington Post)

Mapping the Money and PR Behind Prop 23 (Huffington Post)

Utah, Meet Tar Sands. Tar Sands, Meet Resistance (Ecolocalizer)

Million Kid March For Climate Change Announced (Huffington Post)

Bioneers 2010: Dispatch From an Earth Community Movement (Ecolocalizer)

Green Party Candidate Laura Wells Arrested Outside CA Gubernatorial Debate (Oakland Local)

Why Californians Must Crush Prop 23 (Op-ed on Huffington Post)

Oakland Company Installs Panels on Presidential Palace in Maldives (Ecolocalizer)

How to Find a Million Acre-feet of Water (Ecolocalizer)

Appalachia Rises (Ecolocalizer) and Breaking: 100 Arrested in Non-violent Direct Actions Against Mountaintop Removal (Ecolocalizer)

California’s Prop 23 Tests Public Support of a Clean Energy Economy (Ecolocalizer)

Radical Plumbers Install Greywater System to Conserve Water (Ecolocalizer/Oakland Local)

Hashtags For Tweeting a Greener World (Ecolocalizer)

California’s Prop 23 Tests Public Support of a Clean Energy Economy (Ecolocalizer)

Climate Ride Kicks Off, Promoting Clean and Clean Energy Solutions (Ecolocalizer)

10/10/10 Global Work Party for Local Climate Solutions (Ecolocalizer)

Raising Our Awareness About Hunger Insecurity (Ecolocalizer)

Mobilizing For Climate Justice and Clean Energy (Ecolocalizer)


Hell No to Prop 23 (Ecolocalizer)

Bay Area Contingent Attends People’s Climate Summit in Cochabamba, Bolivia (Oakland Local)

March to Fulfill the Dream (Truthout)/Anti-poverty campaign kicks off with March to Fulfill the Dream (MatadorChange)

Better food for all: Oakland Food Policy Council Plans 2010 Programs (Oakland Local)

Which Dr. King Will We Honor? (Truthout)

Energy and Climate Action Plan Rally and City Council Meeting (Oakland Local)

Pot Biz: Mapping the Landscape of Oakland’s Cannabis Economy–6-part series (Oakland Local, funded on


Making Green House Calls: Young adults help Oakland homes go green (Oakland Local)

Radical Plumbers install greywater systems in East Oakland (Oakland Local)

From Fruitvale BART to downtown Oakland: Students, teachers,  parents march for education (Oakland Local)


Greywater Installation Course Kicks Off at the Humanist Hall (Oakland Local)

Oakland Community Land Trust aims to rehab 200 homes, stop blight in East and West Oakland (Oakland Local)

Clean Power, Healthy Communities Discuss Community Choice Energy (Oakland Local)

Energy Efficiency Strategies For the Bay Are: Experts Share Options (Oakland Local)

Fair Elections Campaign Kicks Off in Downtown Oakland (Oakland Local)

WOBO Scales Up Ped and Boke Power in Oakland (Oakland Local)

Oakland Airport Connector Still on Track, but with Hurdles and a Timeline (Oakland Local)

How Has the Recession Affected Green Workforce Development in the Bay Area?: (Terrain Magazine: Northern California’s Environmental Magazine, Winter Issue)

Local Harvest Calendar Helps School Garden Programs (Oakland Local)

Barbara Lee Holds Rally To End Occupation of Afghanistan (Oakland Local)

Where’s that New Economy? Dispatch from the Festival of Grassroots Economics (Oakland Local, a progressive community and news hub, launching late-September, funded on

Environmental and Social Justice Pioneer Honored at Ella Baker Center Event (Oakland Local)

From Desert to Eden With Justice For All:How an Oakland food justice/urban agriculture organization is working to grow food, skills, jobs, and community (Terrain Magazine: Northern California’s Environmental Magazine–Fall Issue)

The Oakland Food Policy Council Sets the Stage For a Sustainable Food Plan (OaklandLocal, a new progressive community and news hub, launching mid-September)

Photos (The Progressive Magazine, On the Line, August 2009 Issue)

Mad As Hell Doctors Take Their Message of Single-Payer on the Road (MatadorChange)

Newsom Makes Eco News Again With Ambitious Sustainable Food Policy (Eat.Drink.Better)

Food, People, Power: New Healthy Food Co-op Opens in Oakland (Sustainablog)

Music Festivals Gone Green

Israel Detains International Aid Ship Bound For Gaza

Honduras: Pico Hydro Power Brings Light To Villages

Mexico City: Bikes Part of Ambitious Green Plan

Citizen Diplomacy In Iran (Matador Change)

British Politician Leads Bold International Aid Effort For Palestine

First Person Dispatch From the Chevron Protest


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