Caravanas Mexicanas 2010 Photos

I had the privilege of joining one of several caravans consisting of indigenous people, farmers, and social movements that traveled from all around Mexico to Cancun, where they hosted an Alternative Global Forum for Life and Environmental and Social Justice from December 5-8.

En route the caravans highlighted local environmental and social justice issues, such as community displacement because of industrial mega-projects, water pollution and water resource control, invasion of agro-industrial giants like Monsanto, contamination from mining and industrial agriculture, toxic waste sites, and a struggle against a planned super highway.

The caravans were organized by the National Assembly of People Affected by the Environment (Asamblea Nacional de Afectados Ambientales) and the international peasant movement La Via Campesina as well as by diverse social movements from the United States, Canada and Mexico including Movimiento Liberacion Nacional (MLN), Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, and Global Justice Ecology Project.

Here is a Flickr Photo group with many of the highlights of the trip from Guadalajara:

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