Evo Morales to Join Peoples Global Forum in Cancun Today

From Via Campesina:

Bolivian President Evo Morales, will participate on Thursday November 9 in a People Gathering in the framework of the Forum for the Life, Climate and Social Justice organized by La Via Campesina and other organizations Cancun, Mexico. The president’s visit confirms his support and solidarity with the alternative spaces that have been convened in the framework of the COP 16 that started last November 29 and will close on 10 December.

The arrival of Morales is scheduled at 3pm in the Unidad Deportiva Jacinto Canek where the Via Campesina camp is located.

The Vía Campesina Camp gathers about two thousand people from various countries of the world including women and men, youth and children, people affected by the destruction of the environment, farmers, landless peasants, indigenous people and activists from all social sectors.

According to official statements Evo Morales will address issues such as the integrated management of native forests, the respect for countries’ food sovereignty, the full realization of the rights of Indigenous Peoples, funding from developed countries to developing countries and the recognition of Mother Earth. More over, he will talk about the possibility of building a popular project and the challenges of social movements in the struggle for climate justice.

“… We know that Mother Earth can be without any human life, but there will be no humans without Mother Earth. Don’t commodify life,” said the president of Bolivia.

Via Campesina Communication Team

Alfredo Acedo
Cel. 52 1 55 3943 0712


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