Heads Up: PBS NOW Airs “Fixing the Future” on Nov. 18

Do we want a fresh coat of paint on the old economy? Or do we want something new, an economy that is more down to earth, one that is more respectful of place and relationships, one that prioritizes people over profit?

PBS NOW host David Brancaccio traveled across the country to talk with people who are experimenting with new economic and social models that are closer to the latter, offering clues to how we might move away from our current destructive economy. The program, called Fixing the Future, airs November 18.

Catching trains, buses, and bikes for much of the way, Brancaccio highlights worker-owned cooperatives, such as a women-owned catering service called Yo Mamas in Austin, Texas and Evergreen Cooperative Laundry in Cleveland, Ohio. He also talks with the folks at Business Alliance For Local Living Economies about what constitutes a sustainable economy; with members and owners of a small bank in North Dakota that invests in its local community; and with members of a time-bank in Portland, where members can deposit and withdraw hours of different types of services.

Check local listings.


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