International Tar Sands Resistance Summit: November 19-22, Missoula, Montana

The International Tar Sands Resistance Summit begins one week from today near Missoula, Montana.

Organized by Indigenous Environmental Network and Northern Rockies Rising Tide, the summit has the goal of building an international movement to effectively resist the most destructive industrial project on the planet, the Alberta Tar Sands.

Concerned citizens and individuals representing tar sands-impacted communities will gather to strategize, learn skills and network in order to grow and strengthen efforts to resist tar sands development and their devastating environmental, health, and communal impacts.

In addition to the Alberta Tar Sands, participants will be discussing the Keystone XL Pipeline, proposed mega-load shipments, and the potential Utah tar sands development.

The summit is free, though there is a cap and priority registration is given to impacted participants, especially from First Nations communities.  Register here.

Here’s to more “resistance summits” on the horizon!

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