Joel Francis Offers Prop 23 Challenge: Explain Yourself Mr. Koch

I’m imagining the scenario in my mind’s eye:

Joel Francis, the Cal State senior who challenged billionaire Charles Koch to meet him “anytime, anywhere in the state before election day” to debate Prop 23, shows up tomorrow afternoon at the office of Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas.



“Yes, this is Joel Francis, California resident and concerned citizen. On behalf of millions of young Californians, I’m here to talk with Charles about why he is meddling with our democracy by funding a proposition that would roll back progress on climate action and cause billions of dollars in new clean energy technology and green jobs to dry up.  Is he in?”

“Yes. Just a moment, he’ll be right down.”

Then Joel proceeds to demolish Koch in a debate that is aired during prime-time in front of millions of eyeballs.

Here’s the challenge:

Well, it might now go down like that, but we’ll find out soon.

Joel is part of Power Vote CA, a project of the California Student Sustainability Coalition.  The network of thousands of students are urging Californians to pledge No on 23. Opponents of Prop 23 have dubbed it the “Dirty Energy Proposition because both out-of-state oil companies and the billionaire Koch brothers (via Flint Resources) have chipped in most of the millions behind this attempt to kill clean energy investments and green jobs creation in California.

Find out more about Prop 23.  Check back soon for updates.

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