Week of Climate Action, Oct. 12-16

From the Global Justice Ecology Project Climate Connections Blog:

1. Why take action from October 12th?
In 2009, Indigenous peoples throughout the world called for a global mobilisation ‘in defence of mother earth’ on October 12, reclaiming the day that used to be imposed as ‘Columbus Day’. Responding to this call, and the demand for a day of action for ‘system change, not climate change’ issued by the global movements gathered in Copenhagen last year, Climate Justice Action is proposing a week of direct action for climate justice from October 12 – 16, 2010.

We invite all those who fight for social and ecological justice to organise direct actions targeting climate criminals and false solutions, or creating real alternatives. This means taking direct responsibility for making change happen, not lobbying others to act on your behalf, but through actively closing things down and opening things up. This is an open callout, we are not picking targets. But it is not a day for marches or petitions: it is time for us to reclaim our power, and take control of our lives and futures.

For more information about the Week of Action visit the CJA OCT12 Info page

2. Days of action website
It’s absolutely crucial that we tell each other about our actions! Through communicating and documenting the diverse actions that we are taking, we can show great solidarity to one another in our struggles and inspire others to start taking action. CJA have set up a website specifically for the Day of Action, where we hope to map all of the actions happening world wide. For this to work, it relies upon all of us submitting actions that are happening world wide. To see the map, visit: http://global.climate-justice-action.org/

There are three ways you can submit your action:

1. By sending an email to web@climate-justice-action.org
2. By sending a tweet with the hashtags #cja2010 and #mingaglobal
3. By filling this form – http://global.climate-justice-action.org/reports/submit/

3. Tell the world – action newsletter
Following the week of action, we are going to produce an ‘action roundup’ newsletter to send to all our friends worldwide. If you have participated in an action, please send us a paragraph explaining what you did and why! Of course, this can be anonymous, and you can link to websites or news articles about your action.

Also, remember to take photos – a picture can be worth a thousand words
Please email your report to: info@climatejusticeaction.org

4. Contribute to the October 12th Video
We want to encourage everyone to film as much of their action as they can – so we can produce an ‘action round up’ video! If you have any footage, or you would like to help with video, get in touch: info@climatejusticeaction.org

5. Pass this on!
We need this email to reach as many people as possible. Please send it out to your networks – especially to compañeros in different countries. We don’t want to miss a single action off our map!


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