Decolonize Your Diet Today at the North Oakland Farmers’ Market

Yet another great event from the folks at Phat Beets! Love the framing too, “de-colonize”!

From the good folks at Phat Beets Produce:

North Oakland Farmers’ Market is hosting a “Decolonize your diet” event for Indigenous People’s Day Sat, October 9th and a 10/10/10 Workparty at the Healthy Hearts Market Garden

Phat Beets Produce will host it’s first annual “Decolonize Your Diet” themed celebration for Indigenous People’s Day, on Saturday October 9th from 11-2pm at the North Oakland Farmers’ Market (5715 Market St, Oakland 94608). Indigenous People’s Day is an alternative celebration to the holiday celebrating the landing of Christopher Columbus in Hispaniola in 1492.

Events will include a showing of art by Oakland Based Artist Octavio De La Paz, a collaborative artist with the FREE LAND PROJECT. Octavio’s art hinges upon the fringes of a radical nature, it is his most valiant attempt at decolonizing the mind while affirming the spirit and healing nature of his creative process. The day’s event will also include a workshop from 12-2pm with Alejandro Valex of BTTR on growing edible mushrooms on spent coffee grounds. Tablers will include Native American Community Health Project of SEVA, Outdoor Afro, and plants and veggie starts by the People’s Grocery. Food will be sold by Tamales Oaxaca. Come out and enjoy the fruit, vegetables, and bulk foods weekly at the North Oakland Farmers’ Market presented by Phat Beets Produce. EBT and WIC are also accepted at the market.

The garden is located in an Oakland Public Park at 57th and Dover St in North Oakland and is always open to the public. The garden is a stop on the Food Justice Bike Tour Organized by Walk Oakland, Bike Oakland and Planting Justice.

For more information on garden workdays or intensive gardening in public commons please visit

Phat Beets Produce aims to create a healthier, more equitable food system in North Oakland through providing affordable access to fresh produce, facilitating youth leadership in health and nutrition education, and connecting small farmers and farmers of color to urban communities via the creation of farm stands, farmers’ markets, and urban youth market gardens.

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