Call to Action: Phone-banking Against Prop 23 with Van Jones

I had the pleasure of phone-banking with Van Jones last night at the First Congregational Church in Berkeley.

Just to make it clear, we are not related, though we do share in common a few things: 1)the same hair-cut, 2)an affinity for tequila, and 3)a commitment to crush Proposition 23.

Okay, so I made up one of those.

Prop 23 is the deceptive ballot initiative funded by Texas oil companies and the billionaire Koch brothers that would suspend California’s landmark greenhouse emission reduction law AB 32 (Global Warming Solutions Act).

Seriously though, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal (as they used to say).  Voting by mail starts today and some folks either don’t know about Prop 23 or are being fooled by the lies of Texas Oil.  It’s time to move past the awareness of Prop 23, the blogging and commenting about prop 23 (wait, isn’t that what I am doing now?), the bumper sticker activism, and hit the phones and knock on doors.

As we all know, engaged citizenry is not saying the right things, but acting on the right things.

Let’s plug into the Ella Baker Center’s campaign, Democracy For America, or Credo Action and find a way to act on our conviction by donating time and money.

Because as Michael Kieschnick, head of Credo/Working Assets says, “The old guard oil companies won’t go easily into a future where they don’t dominate the energy scene. We have to win here, crush it here, or it is a big step backwards.”


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