Conversations About Race

Oh, the other type of race....

Today is the launch of “Race and America’s Future Virtual Book Club” – a six-week, online book club exploring the challenges and opportunities facing our nation.

The first week asks the question, “Are We Post Racial Yet?”

You can probably guess the answer to that, but it’s in addressing that still all-to-common myth that the learning or unlearning occurs.

The structure of the 6-week conversation is based on the book Uncommon Common Ground: Race and America’s Future, by Angela Glover Blackwell, Stewart Kwoh, and Manuel Pastor.

The folks at the Equity blog hope that the conversation will be “open, honest, and forward-looking.”  Me too.

Here are the themes of the next 5 weeks:

Oct. 6: Color Lines: Growing and Accepting Diversity
Oct. 13:
Race and the Economy
Oct. 20:
Urgent Challenges: Immigration, Incarceration, and Climate Change
Oct. 27:
New Leadership for now and 2050
Nov. 3: Equity is the Superior Growth Model

Photo Credit: Flickr Richard Masoner


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