#Hashtags for Tweeting a Greener World

If terms like #ecomonday and #waterwednesday roll a little too effortlessly off your tongue then you’ve probably been spending too much time in the Twitter-verse. On the other hand, if you don’t know them then perhaps you could be using Twitter more effectively to connect with information, people, and actions that are advocating for a greener world.

Either way, there are many ways to step up our Twitter game. One way is to use specific green hashtags. This is not a “who to follow” list (see Maryanne Conlin’s post on Ecopreneur for a good list), but rather a list of helpful tips for finding fellow green tweeps and eco-news with the help of hashtags.

Tag it! Automated twitter feeds are efficient, but it often doesn’t customize your post and if someone is searching for particular topic or person it gets lost in the shuffle. Take the time to manually add hashtags to important tweets. Simply add a pound sign (#) in front of the term.

1)Top 20 Eco-hashtags: The Perennials

  • #ecomonday: This was the original green tag, as and “is now the #FollowFriday of green” as originator Max Gladwell put it
  • #waterwednesday: despite the mouthful, this is an up-and-coming tag about all things water

  • #plastic: Tweets to reduce or eliminate the ubiquity of plastic in our lives, from plastic bags to bottles to packaging
  • #greenjobs: tweets about green jobs, events, or discussing the green economy sector

2)The Annuals:

Sometimes particular tags become temporarily popular around a conference, a political measure, or an event. For example, this summer the trending eco-tag was #BP and #BPOilSpill.

Conferences use hashtags in addition to their main twitter ID in order for attendees to participate in conversations together and for those not able to be there to stay informed about topics.  For example, #westcoastgreen is the hashtag for the upcoming West Coast Green conference in San Francisco and #bioneers is the corresponding tag for October’s Bioneers Conference in San Rafael. The upcoming Social Capital Markets Conference is #SOCAP10.

This week is Climate Week in New York, so #climateweeknyc is trending.

Additionally, state-specific political measures or federal environmental legislation can get their own tag. For example, California’s Proposition 23, which would suspend the implementation of California’s Global Warming Bill AB32, is on the ballot in November, so #prop23 is surfacing as a trending topic.  The hashtags #cleanairact and #cleanair are becoming popular due to the @EPA now having clear authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act (even if not having a clear runway yet to implement it).

Finally, twitter can be a tool for organizing social action. Demonstrations and eco-actions often develop their own tags, such as #101010 and #350 for the @350 Global Work Party on October 10, 2010.

3)Green hashtag seeds I hope grow:

Finally, there are some hashtags and topics I’d like to see more of:

#urbanplanning, #smartgrowth, #TOD, #greywater, #ecoart, #environmentaljustice (or #ecojustice or simply #EJ), #canvassbag, #directaction, #sustainablefood, #neweconomy, #slowmoney, #farmtoschool, #greencleaning, #publictransit, and just for the fun of it–#sexygreen

This is by no means comprehensive, but hopefully a good start. What are you favorite eco-hashtags?  What have I missed?  What new green twitter meme do you want to start?

#tarsandstuesday anyone?

Of course, it wouldn’t be proper for me to end this without mentioning @ecolocalizer and @vanlenning.

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