For the Love of Water: Art and Water Festival

I just got a call from Christina Bertea of Greywater Action to tell me about their awesome event called Water Works that is happening every Saturday and Sunday in September.  I had a chance last spring to sit in on one of their greywater training workshops for a laundry-to-landscape system and wrote an article on it.  It got my curiosity bones jumping, so I’m definitely going to check this out.

From the announcement:

Water Works is an effort to make sustainability appealing by showing that it can be attractive, whimsical, intriguing, and just plain fun affordable as well. Water Works has artists and tinkerers weigh in on the water conservation question and has lots of functional exhibits to show for it, plus lots of activities for kids  too.

Join 6 dynamic artist-designers as they rethink our daily relationship to water: personal hygiene, appliances and graywater, gardening and landscaping, recreation, food production, waste management, rainwater storage and management.

Every Saturday and Sunday in September: 11am -6pm at 5809 Ayala Avenue in North Oakland.

Confirmed speakers:
9.18 DL WEST MARRIN “Hydro-mimicry & Changing Our Perceptions of Water” 3PM
9.19 BETSY DAMON (Keepers of the Waters) “Water Revealed” 3PM
preceded by ANKA DRAUGELATES, “Ocean Music”
9.25 ELDER & BERTEA “Water Works and Future Think” 4PM
“UrbanArchitecture and EcoSystems Surfaces”

Check out the blog to learn more


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