California’s Prop 23 tests public support for a clean energy economy

Source: Sacramento Bee

If you haven’t yet heard, California’s Proposition 23 has become a lightning rod of debate about the clean energy and air future of not just California, but of the nation.  The proposition would suspend California’s landmark greenhouse emission reduction law AB 32 (Global Warming Solutions Act), one of the most ambitious in the world.

The New York Times yesterday called it a showdown, saying that it has “jolted environmental leaders who are worried that a vote against the law in this state — with its long history of environmental activism — would amount to a powerful setback for emission control efforts in Washington and statehouses across the country.”

Several rallies against Proposition 23 around California have already been held and are continuing on an almost daily basis.

The deceptive Orwellian name given to it by oil-slick proponents is “California Jobs Initiative”, despite the fact that it would reduce state revenue and stall the growing clean energy job sector.  Opponents have dubbed it the “Dirty Energy Proposition because both Texas Oil companies and the billionaire Koch brothers have chipped in most of the millions behind this attempt to kill clean energy investments and green jobs creation in California.  According to the New York Times, pro-Prop 23 advocates have given $8.2 million so far, with almost all of it ($7.9 million) of that coming from out-of-state oil companies like Tesoro and Valero.

Prop 23 was called “by far the single most important ballot measure to date testing public support for continuing to move to a clean energy economy,” by Gene Karpinski, president of the League of Conservation Voters.

Campaigners against Prop 23, including Credo Action, GreenCorps, and Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, are asking Californians to come out to rallies to show Texas oil companies that they have no business messing with California’s global warming law and to send a strong message that California intends to be a world leader in emissions reductions, clean energy, and the green economy.

Find an No on Prop 23 rally near you.

For more information see:

Communites United Against the Dirty Energy Prop

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Photo Credit: Greenpeace

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