Fresh the Movie is Giving 1% to a Sustainable Food Organization

In keeping with September’s theme of raising awareness about hunger and food deserts and Ecolocalizer’s ongoing advocacy of transforming our food system, I thought it appropriate to highlight a cool contest in which you can participate.

There are more and more fabulous and creative organizations working hard everyday to transform our unsustainable food system into one that is healthy and regenerative. And most could use some help.  The folks at Fresh the Movie are committing one percent of 2010’s total revenue earned from the film to one lucky non-profit organization.  Out of 43 applicants, they have winnowed it down to ten.

They are asking sustainable food enthusiasts to vote on which organization should win.  Vote here.

One writer at EcoSalon summarized the film: “If Food Inc. was your wake up call, Fresh, The Movie is your call to action” because it showcases positive local solutions all around the country.

By the way, Fresh is entering theaters soon.  If you live in the Bay Area, it will be here the first week of October. Or catch a community screen.  Better yet, get a DVD and screen the film yourself and invite friends to watch and discuss it!

(first published on Ecolocalizer)


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