Creating Bay Area Habitat: Green Roofs and Beyond

General Green Roof Alliance Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, August 25 @ 7 pm

WHERE: Bay Localize, 436 14th St., 2nd Floor, Oakland, CA

The Green Roof Alliance invites you to learn about enhancing biodiversity in our Bay Area cities with Lisa Lee Benjamin, Principal of Evo Design and founder of Alpine Initiatives, and Amber Hasselbring of Nature in the City.

Lisa Lee Benjamin designs and creates sustainable environments that integrate people and structures with their surroundings. She consults on and leads international projects focusing on what is possible in relation to our ideas of sustainability, collaboration, and community. A certified permaculturalist a plant and soil biologist, and recent insect enthusiast, Lisa will enlighten us with the possibilities for habitat creation in our area through living roofs, walls, and other architectural features.

Amber Hasselbring is a San Francisco artist focused on exploring ecological relationships. Her Mission Greenbelt Project (2007-present) explores themes of gentrification, education, and urban ecology through performances and garden building efforts in San Francisco. By harnessing community creativity to construct a contiguous wildlife corridor, the Mission Greenbelt Project fosters urban environmental stewardship.

The Green Roof Alliance works in collaboration with industry professionals, government representatives, and communities to promote healthy and sustainable green roofs in the Bay Area.


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