Brief Thoughts on Declarations of Independence

This week’s The Stone in the NYT hosts some interesting reflections on Founding Fathers’-era ideals of liberty, happiness, equality and what they might mean in today’s world. Especially germane is the ever-widening sphere of who counts in our circle of morality–who is the subject of those rights of “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” that are declared inalienable? LGBT? Undocumented immigrants?

I am reflecting today on what types of dependencies I/we have and what types of declarations of independence we as a nation and as a world need and should be struggling for.

Top of my list would be declarations of independence from corporate media, from the domination of a two-party system, from a stale education system, and from the industrial food system. At a deeper level, we need to find ways to declare independence from the ideas embedded in supernaturalism and nationalism…and move towards naturalism and supra-nationalism.

On a related note, it would be interesting to see what a Declaration of Inter-dependence would look like.

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