Happy World Humanist Week!

I share this quote of the week in recognition of World Humanist Week.  It’s by author and secular humanist Taslima Nasreen, the Bangladeshi woman who has been harassed and vilified and threatened by religious fundamentalists for two decades.  It sums up my view of the essential conflict pervasive in the United States and around the world.

“Humankind is facing an uncertain future. The probability of new kinds of rivalry and conflict looms large. In particular, the conflict is between two different ideas, secularism and fundamentalism. I don’t agree with those who think the conflict is between religions or between the East and the West. To me, this conflict is basically between rational, logical thinking and irrational blind faith. To me, this is a conflict between modernity and anti-modernism. While some strive to go forward, others strive to go backward. This is a conflict between innovation and tradition, between those who value freedom and those who do not.” -Taslima Nasreen


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