SF “Chronic”le Journalist arrested for growing weed in Weed, CA

This isn’t the type of post that would normally appear on Pull the Root, but since the news dropped on the same day as my final installment of a 6-part series on the business of cannabis,  and it was relevant, I thought I’d include it.

A story close to home emerged today in the Chronicle relevant to the shifting sands of cannabis law.

In fact, not only did the Chronicle publish the story, the story was about their own journalist, Tom Stienstra, who has a column and is a popular outdoors writer with a radio program and several books to his name.

Stienstra and his wife were arrested in Weed, CA last Thursday, after deputies found 60 plants and 11.1 pounds of processed marijuana on their property. Stienstra and his wife, plus two others, were booked with possession of marijuana for sale.

Stienstra posted bail the next day and was released. Soon all were released with no charges filed. It is unclear why the D.A. has not pushed forward, but Stienstra, his wife, and adult son all have doctor’s recommendations for medical marijuana use.

Eleven pounds is a lot of marijuana, but how much is too much is the question that must be very confusing for law enforcement after the California Supreme Court struck down limits on medical marijuana use in January.

The district attorney’s office say they are reviewing the case–I wonder, does it come as a big surprise to officials that a bunch of people are growing MJ in Weed, CA?


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