Green-partiers rally for strong Energy and Climate Action Plan

Dave Room of Bay Localize, OCAC, and Local Clean Energy Alliance

Oakland is one step closer to living up to its aspiration to be a model green city. Oakland City Council held a special meeting Tuesday night to hear city staff recommendations and public comments concerning the Energy and Climate Action Plan it is working on.

The council meeting was preceded by an energetic rally in front of City Hall hosted by the Oakland Climate Action Coalition (OCAC) and allies, who have been busy over the last year drafting their own comprehensive set of recommendations.

Wearing a green hard hat and flanked by people with caulking guns (symbol for weatherizing Oakland homes) and leafy greens (symbol of healthy, local food systems), Emily Kirsch, lead organizer for the green collar jobs campaign at Ella Baker Center, primed the crowd.

“We can take a different path. We can take a path of innovation, a path of equity, a path of justice, of green job creation and local food systems, and water catchment, using caulking guns to retrofit our buildings.  That’s the path we can take. Do you want that path?”  Kirsch asked, receiving a loud cheer from a crowd of about a hundred, who held signs that read “Green Jobs Now” and “Oakland is Ready.”

Read my full story on Oakland Local.


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