Pot Biz: New Opportunities

This is the third piece in my six-part series on Oakland Local on the business of marijuana.

In the current economy, financial incentives alone are sufficiently enticing to make many people consider a career change. Though the initial cost of indoor lamps, wiring, fertilizer, soil and fans can add up, start-up costs pale in comparison with most small businesses. Depending on the size of the operation, growers can spend several hundred to several thousand dollars to create suitable conditions for healthy plants. Once operational, however, it costs as little as a couple hundred dollars per pound of premium product.

Somedude (who preferred to remain anonymous) is one such businessman who saw the writing on the market wall. Somedude is a tech engineer and consultant, massage therapy student, husband and father. He is also a student who is about half-way through the 13-week horticulture course at Oaksterdam University.

Read the full story on Oakland Local.


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