Agitate, Educate, Pollinate!

Oakland can boast of yet another local resource that will help residents build their urban ag and home-making skills: The Institute of Urban Homesteading.  The 2010 season is now open for registration.  Starting in March, IUH-Oakland will be offering affordable workshops on everything from Organic Gardening, Rainwater Harvesting, and Cheesemaking to Beekeeping, Seed Starting, and Raising Backyard Chickens.  The workshops are held at the homes of individuals in Oakland and Berkeley, with some classes in Alameda and Marin.

The mission of The Institute of Urban Homesteading (as posted on their website) is to:

Offer affordable classes in the art of living in an urban environment
* Preserve a slower, more intentional, more sustainable and more pleasurable way of life
* Rescue the lost arts of the garden, the kitchen and things done by hand
* Imbue everyday tasks with wonder and beauty
* Promote self-determination and the ability of each person to educate themselves

Classes tend to fill up fast, so register early.  See the schedule here:

One response to “Agitate, Educate, Pollinate!

  1. Organic gardening – Now I would like a course in that !!! Can’t make it to the Oakland course – too far for me but course structure sounds very interesting.

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