Shout out from and to the MatadorNetwork

Earlier this month, I received an expected and wonderful shout-0ut from MatadorNetwork.  A little ego-massage never hurt anybody.  Here’s an excerpt, see the full piece here.

“35 year old Matador member Ryan Van Lenning is based in Oakland, California, and with the activist history of that city, Van Lenning’s presence there seems apropos.

Van Lenning has written for Matador on several of those topics that fire him up, including environmental issues related to big oil in articles like First Person Dispatch from the Chevron Protest, and peace and aid issues in the Middle East in Israel Detains Aid Ship Bound for Gaza.

What consistently impresses me about Van Lenning’s writing–and what makes him 100% Matadorian–is that all of his work is rooted directly in his own experiences. He doesn’t just write about activism; he’s out on the streets living it.”

If you don’t know the MatadorNetwork, you should.  It’s part travel magazine, part social network that includes over 10 ‘channels”–everything from travel tips (posts such as how to travel alone, how to travel to Cuba as an United States’ citizen, how to navigate Rio’s Carnival, how to couch surf, how to find a job abroad) to my personal favorite, MatadorChange, posting environmental and social change stories and tips from around the world.

The MatadorNetwork always hosts vibrant discussions and the colorful community of travelers (Matadorians) and grassroots organizations  make it not just a great resource, but a personable experience. Check it out, I guarantee you’ll find something valuable, fun, and thought-provoking.

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