Breaking up is hard to do

Letter to the Editor

On this Valentine’s Day we recognize that sometimes, as difficult as it is to do, breaking up with your lover is the best thing for everybody.

Congress and President Obama need to break off their affair with the powerful interests that have prevented the inclusion of single-payer, national health insurance in the healthcare debate. They need to recommit themselves to the civic relationship with their constituents–the relationship that they are elected to honor.

No need to reiterate the stats here, but suffice it to say that sometimes a relationship becomes so detrimental and abusive it effects more than the two parties involved and ends up hurting a lot of people in their lives.  This is what is happening to people across this country who are hurting, who are going broke because of medical expenses, and who are dying because of this affair between Congress and the giant insurance and pharmaceutical companies

Compared to our current private system, a single-payer system would save $400 billion on administrative waste every year because it would be going to care, not lobbying, advertising, and CEO bonuses.  Congress and the President need to show some love and recommit to the American people who have been neglected: expand and improve Medicare for everyone.

Ryan Van Lenning, Oakland, CA


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