Get your Urban Permaculture on!

Weekly Urban Permaculture courses are now FREE!

Come on out starting next Wednesday, Feb. 10th.

Common Circle Education is proud to announce a 8-series course on Urban Permaculture Design, FREE to the public.  Come out every Wednesday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm, to gain practical, tangible skills to redesign abundance, health, and sustainability into your immediate world.  The instructor is Gavin Raders, certified permaculture designer and co-founder of Planting Justice, and Oakland-based nonprofit that uses permaculture and grassroots organizing to help create food and economic justice in Oakland.

Upcoming Schedule: Note: There is no class this Wednesday February 3rd.

February 10: Introduction to Permaculture: Principles and Methods of Permaculture Design

February 17: Maximizing Urban Food Production: Sheet Mulching, Companion Planting, Permaculture Plant Guilds

February 24: Perennial Abundance: Food Forests, Fruit Trees, Mushrooms and Perennials

March 3: Water Harvesting and Greywater: Regenerating Soils and Ecosystems with Water

March 10: Urban Composting and Bioremediation: Compost Teas, Homemade Fertilizers, Plant Extracts, Harvesting Beneficial Micro-Organisms

March 17: Urban Animal Husbandry: Chickens, Worms, Bees, Rabbits, and Fish

March 24: Natural Building for a Non-Toxic Home: An Introduction to Earthen Structures, Floors, Plasters, and Ovens

April 3: Urban Permaculture as a Tool for Community Empowerment and Social Justice: The Story of Planting Justice

If you haven’t yet had the chance to really dig into Permaculture concepts and skills, this is your opportunity!  And the price couldn’t be better. I’ve attended a couple and learned ALOT! Gavin has a lot of wisdom and skills to share and breaks.

Check out Planting Justice to see how we are using permaculture techniques to improve the health and economy of low-income urban residents in the Bay Area!

2130 Center St., Berkeley
Contact: Gavin Raders, 510-290-4049
Planting Justice

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