Oakland Local Digs In

Oakland Local has just celebrated its 1-month anniversary and it is finding a hospitable home in Oakland and digging in for the long-haul.

We have received some wonderful feedback and Oaklanders (and many others around the Bay) seem to be finding a valuable service.

Here’s just a few of the benchmarks Oakland Local has achieved over the past month:

Oakland Local received some great shout outs from NextGenWeb as well as MediaBistro’s BayNewser on reaching 10,000 unique users (a watershed for considering advertising revenue streams). Oakland Local is also listed on the NY Times Bay Area blogroll.

We reached over 1000 fans on Facebook within a couple weeks, and are now at over 1700.  We added a Facebook Connect for easy log-in.  We’ve  partnered with dozens of local non-profits and community organizations, including Ella Baker Center, Oakland Rising, and Spot.us.  We were one of the media sponsor’s for Ella Baker Center’s Breakthrough Visionary Awards Night, where Carl Anthony, Lateefah Simon, and Lynne Swift were honored.

Oakland Local also held its first Community Meet-up at Tech Liminal, where people with varied interests came and shared what kinds of coverage and types of projects and partnerships they would like to see.  Getting more local education and positive music coverage and having Spanish-language stories and bloggers were some of the great ideas which we will be hopefully implementing in 2010.

In addition, the community calendar, blogs directory, and non-profit database are all filling up.  One thing I hope to see more of is discussion in the forums.  If you don’t see a topic that engages you, suggest one or start one yourself. It’s as easy as click, click, type, and click.

As a team member I have to say that I think Oakland Local has HUGE potential not only to be an enormously valuable information resource and go-to for under-reported stories, but also a community-building tool.  Do I dare say also a force for positive social change in Oakland?

Let me also add that all this has been built so far on a shoestring budget–about $10,000.  Imagine if Oakland Local had the kind of money that other start-ups have!

We welcome your feedback, story ideas, Oakland photos, and participation in the forums and Meet-ups.  Look for Oakland Local to scale up from one week to the next as we add more diverse voices, build more partnerships, roll out more story packages, and engage in more provocative discussions.


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