Oakland Local Launches!

I’m excited about yesterday’s launch of Oakland’s newest community and news resource, Oakland Local, covering the environment, food, development, transportation, identity, arts & education, and social justice issues.

I am also honored to be a part of an amazing production and editorial team as a writer.  Founder Susan Mernit is an experienced media hound and a2388956528_16d573d50c consummate human being.  She is also a self-described trouble-maker, so be prepared for some gritty coverage.   She won a New Voices grant from the J-Lab, funded by the Knight foundation, to develop and implement Oakland Local.

I love that Oakland Local will be giving press to many under-reported issues and providing a platform to under-represented voices in Oakland.  There is so much going on in Oakland, many challenges but also so much great work that needs to be covered.  I hope to do my part by help to cover this work and help grow community around these issues and further our civic discourse for positive social change.

Oakland Local is meant to be a hub for civic engagement, so be sure to check out the growing list of forums about Oakland issues, ranging from the moving of the trial of officer Mehserle to how to build an alternative, just, and local economy.  If you don’t see a topic yet you want to discuss, start one!

Oakland local also partners with and shares news about non-profit organizations, community groups, and engaged citizens.  Here are just a few of the community partnerships formed so far: Urban Habitat, Bay Localize, Communities for A Better A Environment, Just Cause Oakland, EBASE, YouthRadio, Urban Releaf, Kids First Oakland, and Media Alliance.

Oakland Local also hosts blogs from staff writers and community members.  Here is my Oakland Local blog.

Looking forward to seeing the site, the coverage, and the community grow over the coming year!

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