Plant the Seed: October 24 International Day of Climate Action

Join me at

UPDATE: (Oct. 16)
Because of short notice for planning and other events (Social Media for Social Change and Beast Blogger Camp 2), this action will be held another date in November, to be determined.

Calling all you do-gooders, gardeners, permis, urban farmers, locavores, foodies, sustainable ag, urban greening people, slow food folks, climate just activists, educators, and food justice workers:

Many of you have probably heard of the 350 International Day of Climate Action on October 24.

I am putting together a positive and creative action for that day, specifically in Oakland, but perhaps in multiple locations and open to all Bay Area folks interested in joining.

My idea is that since food, the agriculture system, and urban green spaces are vital to localizing the economy, reducing carbon, and leading healthier lives, we should have an action around those themes.  Lots of ideas, but one is spelling out a huge “350” in potted starter vegetable plants on a huge empty unused lot, then giving them away to people for free to grow their own food and give extra away to friends and neighbors, and planting the surplus plants during a volunteer work party to harvest, plant winter crops, on school roof-top garden, etc.  Ideally I’d like to take over 350 empty lots in Oakland and plant winter crops and trees on them!

We already have over 100+ plants (spinach, kale, lettuce, etc.) offered as donations for the action!

Let me know if you are interested in throwing some energy behind this with me and/or if you have some ideas. Thanks!

I found a couple possible locations for an action.  One is Explore Prep School in Oakland. Planting Justice has been working with them to develop a food forest and a curriculum.

I also met Starhawk at the carrotsBurn Green Soiree last night at Revolution Cafe in Oakland and her presentation was on Hunters Point Family project in SF and their permiculture projects, community gardens, farmers’ market, and youth programs.

I told her my ideas and it seems like a good fit and way to gather lots of people for a good cause while simultaneously helping raise visibility to both the issues and that project.  But I would  still want to find an Oakland site for an action in East Bay.

Here’s a couple links for inspiration and background:

Sharing the Harvest

Michael Pollan and Bill McKibben on The Good Food Project


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