Where’s That New Economy? It’s already here!

Interested in cooperatives? Credit Unions? Land trusts? Local food systems? Time-Banks? Complementary currencies? Isn’t it time we try some new ways of doing business as usual? new_chart1

This Saturday hundreds will be gathering to learn from each other on how to build and participate in the new bottom-up economy at the first Festival of Grassroots Economics. Here’s the deets:

Saturday, September 26 from 10am-4pm

Humanist Hall, 390 27th St, Oakland, CA

Free to the public


Since many of you are interested in the localization movement, I wanted to share my pitch for covering it on Spot.us, a community-funded journalism project:


It’ll run on Oakland Local, which is a new progressive community and news hub launching next week, but I want to develop stories building off of it for other outlets as well, focusing on specific sectors and issues.

I want to get the story of all this great work out to more people, so please consider forwarding this to anybody who might consider donating as little as $20 to get the story funded. It’s only $70 away from being fully funded, just a little bit to go!

Here is an itinerary of the day’s panels:
11am – Co-op 101: An introduction to worker cooperatives. A brief survey of the organizational, legal and financial aspects. A must for those who are thinking of joining or forming a cooperative.
Kasper Koczab and Dave Karoly – Network of the Bay Area Worker Cooperatives

12:30 pm – Resources for the Grassroots Economy: Financial and development resources to meet community economic needs. Panelists will discuss the resources available to community projects.
Erin Kilmer-Neel – One California Foundation
Jenny Kassan – Katovich Law
Ian Winter – North California Land Trust
Jeanine Esposito – People’s Federal Credit Union
Moderator: Janelle Orsi – Attorney and author of The Sharing Solution

2:00 pm – Urban Food Security: Communities must take food back from global capital. How are we building just, sustainable, locally-based food systems that meet our communities’ needs and provide meaningful work? Facilitator: Dennis Terry – Mandela Foods Cooperative
Dana Harvey- Mandela MarketPlace
David Roach- Mo’ Better Food Markets
Erica Torrence- People’s Grocery

3:00 pm – Building the Alternative: The grassroots economy is a solution to the economic crisis and holds a vision of the world we want to create. How can we nurture a local economy that gives working folks power and control over the economy and their work lives, leveraging available resources? How can social and environmental justice work support the development of a new economic paradigm? How we can create more synergy and interdependence between grassroots economic projects? How can we build a just, sustainable economic alternative to scale?
Moderator/Facilitator: Gopal Dayenini -GAIA and Movement Generation
Ali Ar Rasheed – AAR Development Consultants
Rhea Serna – Mission Asset Fund
Tom Wetzel – SF Community Land Trust
Heather Young – Bay Area Community Exchange

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