Music Festivals Gone Green

My friends are enjoying the music and outdoors up there, but I didn’t make it to the High Sierra Music Festival this weekend like I wanted to. I did get as far as Dolores Park for the premiere of the awesome SF Mime Troupes.   But I will be going to Power to the Peaceful in September, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in October, and perhaps Outside Lands next month.  I’ve often wondered about the effects of 10,000s of people showing up to the same place at the same time to hang out for several days.  green-music-festivalThis summer perhaps millions will be visiting music festivals, drinking beer (or in my case tequila) and enjoying live shows.  And of course also burning lots of fuel to get there, leaving lots of wrappers and food waste,  and perhaps drinking out of lots of plastic bottles.  What is the environmental impact? What are ways in which the impact is being mitigated? I looked into a handful of festivals to see and wrote about it in my article “U.S. Summer Music Festivals Gone Green” on Matador Nights.

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