Coup in Honduras

Yesterday I reported on the breaking news about the military coup in Honduras on Matador Pulse.   Many are paying attention to how events are quickly unfolding.  It’s quite a strange world when the likes of Obama and Clinton, Hugo Chavez, and European and Latin American leaders all are condemning the action simultaneously (though not in the same words or tone).honduras-flag

Rarely does a nation that so infrequently makes the news become an international pariah so quickly.  Chavez has issued a warning of military action and cutting oil, other Central American nations have threatened trade cuts, and other Latin American countries have pulled their ambassadors.  Today thousands of protesters marched, burned tires, set up barricades, and clashed with the military in front of the Presidential Palace, with over a dozen injuries due to rubber bullets.

I hope the military and congressional elite can see that they are not winning this one and say “oops, we’re sorry.  Zelaya can serve until January.”  But I’m not counting on it.  They seem to be digging in their heels.  Unfortunately that might mean an escalation of violence, both internally and possibly across borders.

While so far the coup seems the lone actions of the military and establishment elite, it’s worth noting some history and also who is involved (General Romeo Vasquez).  See this nice piece in The Progressive putting the coup in the context of the not-so-subtle U.S. influence in Honduras.


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