Plant the Seed: Bicycling In Mexico City?

Mexico City isn’t exactly on the leading edge of sustainability. It faces serious environmental challenges, including water shortages, smog, waste disposal problems, and of course traffic congestion.  I looked into the Mayor’s Green Plan and found a place for bicycles.  See more about the city’s Bike Plan from my post on Planetwize:


Also check out Mejor en Bici, a partner in the city’s ‘biyclification’ efforts.


One response to “Plant the Seed: Bicycling In Mexico City?

  1. Ryan-

    I lived in Mexico City for 2.5 years and can affirm that Mayor Ebrard has been pretty walk-the-talk when it comes to cycling and other public transport initiatives. On Sundays, Avenida Reforma, one of the principal avenues in the city, is closed to vehicular traffic, converting to a roadway entirely for cycling, strolling, and rollerblading. There are bikes available for free rental around the city, and a number of other initiatives that are intended to decrease the city’s notorious dependence upon cars. It’s an exciting time to live in the DF!

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